Federico Giangrandi
Project Manager at Haveasync
Into Art and Technology from the beginning. Using these tools to investigate, discover new and sustainable opportunities for business. He is currently in charge of digitisation and archive databases for more than twenty Italian music publishing companies.
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Simona Marino
Music categorization manager
Simona is a musician and concert pianist and has been playing for more than 20 years. Conservatory Diploma in Piano (10/10). Degree at the "Accademia di Alto Perfezionamento" in Imola. She has studied jazz analysis and composition. Performances as a soloist, with a specialisation in Bach's repertoire. She has performed in chamber, classical and jazz ensembles in Italy, Germany, France, USA, and Australia. She teaches piano. She has a technical and theoretical musical knowledge in description and classification of sound data for music archives. Simona has been with Haveasync since 2006 and works as a music categorisation consultant, particularly for digital sound archives. She has analysed over 10,000 songs for Haveasync. She lives in Rome.
Paola San Giorgio
Licensing office
Since 1988 she has worked in copyright and soundtrack publishing. She has edited the soundtracks for several successful Italian films and TV series on national television. She is in charge of licensing and music placement for several publishing companies. She has worked as a music consultant for music television and film productions.
Silvia Siano
Content editor, marketing, promotion
She graduated in communication sciences in 2005, with a thesis on digital music distribution. She has an MA in Marketing, Management and Music Communication from La Sapienza University in Rome. She has worked as a format editor for web radios, record reviews, and live events. Since 2007, she has been in charge of promoting and marketing for record labels and music publishing companies, paying particular attention to social media, SEO, SEM, and web marketing.
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